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Distinguished Special Award

Dr. Dauphine was honored to receive the “Distinguished Special Award for Contributions to Our Teaching Mission” from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine on June 30,2017.

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AIR BICYCLE 3X day/3min

While laying on your back, put both legs in the air and move them, pretending to be riding a bicycle. This helps gain motion and reduce swelling, speeding return of function. Begin 7 days after knee surgery and continue until normal.

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The Importance of Elevation

The KEY to recovery after knee surgery is ELEVATION!  Keeping the ankle above the knee and the knee above the heart allows gravity to assist fluid leaving the leg.  The advantages of less swelling are: 1. LESS PAIN 2. FASTER HEALING 3. BETTER MOTION 4. LESS RISK OF BLOOD CLOTS! 3 PILLOWS OR MORE!  

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