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Medical Services

MIS Total and Partial Knee Replacement

“MIS” refers to a variety of minimally invasive, total or partial knee surface replacements, fixed or mobile, designed to reduce the trauma from surgery and allow the patient to walk with full weight bearing on the same day as the surgery. No general anesthesia is necessary, and post-operative pain is reduced. The type of prosthesis used is selected to best serve the purpose of the patient. The goal is a pain-free, fully functional, long lasting result.

ConforMIS iUNI

The iUNI is breakthrough technology that uses a cat-scan image to custom build a partial knee replacement. The iUNI is performed in an out-patient facility and is a minimally invasive procedure. The many benefits of the iUNI include: less bone cutting, pre-navigation for best leg alignment, may be done under local and regional anesthesia, immediate full weight-bearing, and lower cost. To learn more, please visit the ConforMIS website.

ConforMIS iTotal

The iTotal is a custom total knee replacement. A cat-scan of the patient’s knee is used to enable a 3-D manufacturing process to construct a one-of-a-kind, pre-navigated surface replacement. The advantages may be less bone resection and a more normal knee function. The iTotal is performed using minimally invasive surgical technique and may be done without general anesthesia, possibly in an outpatient setting. To learn more, please visit the ConforMIS website.

A Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program

Preoperative patient teaching and accelerated post-operative rehabilitation help speed recovery from surgery. An advanced anesthesia technique helps eliminate the need for narcotic medicine after surgery. Patients typically walk within hours and in many cases can go home within 24 hours with help. Many cases can now be done as outpatients.