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Total Shoulder Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of total shoulder replacement prosthetic does Dr. Dauphiné use?

Dr. Dauphiné uses the Tornier Aequalis© prosthesis, the Copeland surface replacement hemi-arthroplasty prosthesis and other prostheses depending on what best solves your shoulder problem.

When can I begin moving my arm after total shoulder replacement surgery?

You can use your wrist and elbow immediately after surgery. Patients usually begin to move their shoulder the day after surgery with the assistance of a physical therapist. Your ability to use the shoulder will improve over time. Always check with your physical therapist and Dr. Dauphiné before progressing with arm motion.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Most of our patients stay in the hospital for two days following surgery. You may require care in a skilled nursing facility after being discharged from the hospital. Dr. Dauphiné will order this care when you are discharged from the hospital if it is necessary.

What type of anesthetic is used in total shoulder replacement surgery?

Dr. Dauphiné uses a general anesthetic which means that the patient is asleep for the procedure. He will also use a regional local anesthetic which will help to lessen pain after surgery.

When will I be able to return to work?

When you return to your normal work depends on what kind of work you do. If your job isn’t physically strenuous, you may return to work when it is comfortable for you to do so; perhaps you may return to work within one or two weeks. If your job is physically taxing, you may require several months of rehabilitation before you are able to return to your normal work. In either case, it is very important for you to follow Dr. Dauphiné’s instructions. In some cases, Dr. Dauphiné may release you for modified work, with some restrictions until you are completely healed and strong.

When can I drive after a total shoulder replacement?

Dr. Dauphiné and your physical therapist will help you determine when it is safe for you to drive. Never drive while using narcotic pain medicines.

When will I be able to shower after surgery?

You may shower immediately after surgery as long as you can keep your incision dry. Dr. Dauphiné will let you know when it is alright to get your incision area wet.